Reclaiming my time

It’s Friday evening and typical lunch time question is – What plans for the weekend?
My answer – NOTHING. Some people get offended, sometimes hurt even when I answer this as they feel I dont want to share with them what debauchery I am upto over the weekend. A very selected few understand.

There was a time when our typical weekend would start Friday evening with dining out (oh the glorious-just-post-wedding days ) followed by sleeping very late night sometimes reading or gaming or just spending time over some usless banter. The Saturday did not start before 10AM where the possibility of a breakfast was next to nill. Rushing out to buy groceries trying to fix the meals, making the house habitable for the coming week – the 2 days would be over in a jiffy and the weekend always left me kind of exhausted. It never felt like a relaxed weekend however late into the morning I slept.

Back in college, I was amazed at my friends’ stories of waking up past noon time (That would have meant apocalyse in my home though) simply because that is not how my parents house functioned. You woke up max by 6.30 AM no questions asked (or answered 🙂 ).

When I moved out for my first job and settled into a house with room mates, I ended up being the early morning ghost. All of them would sleep way past the morning time and I would roam room to room hoping to catch anyone with her eyes open. These room mates (yes yes I am placing all the blame on you roomies) and the lack of discipline staying away from home meant I very soon joined the ranks of my roomies and spent the weekends gloriously sleeping late.

I remember a friend of BB’s (lets call him R) mentioning – “I always make it a point to wake up early over the weekend. It makes me feel I have more free time”. The statement stuck me as very very odd. Who wants to wake up early and that too on a weekend?? What possibly can replace the joy of sleeping in till late morning?

In my very first post I had mentioned how BB and I have started running. We started with the couch to 5K program (more on those awesome podcasts later) which promised to have us running for 5km non stop in 30 minutes. We started going to our neighbourhood park for the run but the problem was that if were not early enough, the sun would be out beating down our sweat speckled faces. Not pretty. Not comfortable. Hence started our trysts with waking up early.

For the first few days it required sheer determination and grit to haul ourselves out of the bed at the unearthly hour of 5AM – but having woken up early with the combination of good execise meant we were tired down to our bones by 10 PM. SO it didnt take ong to settle down into this routine. Sleep 10PM wake 5AM. The body clock is pretty much used to this schedule now and on most days we dont need th alarm to wake up. With this routine I realized why I had never been able to sleep on time  – I was never physically tired enough. It was always the mental fatigue disguised as the physical one (yes your brain can play those tricks on you!!)  at the end of each day but the muscles were not used enough sitting in the office chair the whole day which prevented me from falling asleep on time.

I also relate to what R had mentioned – the feeling of having more time. Post run we are back home by 7AM. We make sure the meals prep (breakfast and lunch) is over by 10 AM. To make the working couples’ life saner there is BigBasket (we both HATE and are terrible at grocery shopping and the weekend crowd gets over our nerves) – so breakfast lunch grocery all check check check check before 10AM. We have the whole rest of the day with us!!!! Now there is more time to read, paint (BB not me) or I might not even do anything worthwhile during the rest of the day but is’nt this how weekends should actually be? Having Nothing to do over the weekend, unhurried pace of life, with no agendas, time idylly rolling by?

How do you prefer your weekends to be ?


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