Lunch time conversation….

We have TVs installed in our cafeteria… Either music channels or news channels are played… I was having lunch with a few colleagues with AAP news being aired on the TVs when this conversation happened.. 

Person 1: This guy Kejriwal sure seems to be doing some right stuff..

Me: Yea let’s wait and see how it works out but things he has done far do sound good..

Person 2: Yea.. At least he has his agenda right.. All people like us want is less corruption more transparency…  

Person 1: Oye btw where are you guys getting the medical bills from for the annual reimbursement…. 

Person 2: Tension na le… I’ll get it done for you.. I know someone… He charges just 100 bucks…

Me: Errr… But .. Ummm Ain’t that kinda wrong ?????

Person 2: Arreee itna to chalta hai India mein…. 

Me: Totally dumbfounded !!!!!

India might have a middle class hero in Arvind Kejriwal who vows to change the system but there is a lot of introspection this middle class has to do before placing the whole blame of corrupt India on the politicians alone….