I Miss those Winters..

There is something about October.. Something changes then.. All these years I have not been able to put a finger on that something but it so untangible and yet felt by almost everyone at that time of the year.. There is a general sense of euphoria that I start feeling come October.

Maybe it is the festival time to look forward to or the general pleasant weather – as I said I’ve never been able to find out what it is.. October for me is the harbinger of Winter.. The season I had a love hate relationship with and yet I find myself missing winters with an aching longing hidden somewhere deep in the recesses of my heart.

Arrival of winters at home meant the annual sunning of the rajais and sweaters..

Winters at one time meant wearing a sweater to school and coming back home with the pullover tied around the waist .. Whatt??? It made us look cool!!!! (Atleast we thought so then )..

Winters at one time meant sitting in the sun and devouring innumerable oranges..

Winters at one time meant the warm and comforting smell of roasted peanuts on almost every road..

Winters at one time meant Maa’s special Pinni (http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com/pinni.aspx) whose aroma filled the house like magic..

 Winters at one time meant hot out of the stove jalebis singing the tongue…

Winters at one time meant being let out of the house without a bath once in a while .. 😀

Winters at one time meant driving to college on my Activa and reducing the speed to 0 if I needed to stop as the hands were too numb to press the breaks..

Winters meant being holed up in the quilt with hot water bottle at the feet and reading and rereading all my favourite books.

Not sure what made me write this post today but the rather low temparatures here down south defintely had a role to play in this nostagia trip today….


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