The weighty issues…

So the interia was shed (literally !!) and I decided to haul my heavy self around for some excercise. Not an easy task you see with the amount of bulk I carry on myself.

Before I write any further, it is very important to let you know that BB is blessed with some awesome genes which prevent him from gaining any weight which in turn keeps his “youthful looks’ perennially intact (This has led to a few hilarious incidents but I digress..).

I was chubby (NOT fat mind you!! huh) before the wedding but we lived the grand life post shaadi and when chubby became fat I did not realize ( I did notice actually when the pre wedding and wedding clothes would’nt fit any longer but I ignored it royally by buying new bigger sized clothes – Simple eh?)

Long story short I woke up to the reality and wanted to get fitter and lose weight while BB wanted to gain stamina. BB and I decided to start with a morning walk. Oh boy was it fun!!!

Well NO.. it was not. Hurdle number one was waking up early – how should the princess who is used to waking up not before 8 AM open her eyes to the world at 6AM ? It was dealt with a lot of loving and persuasive words by the husband at first and a lot of kicks and dragging out of bed later. So waking up on time – Check

Next came the actual walking. Morning time, lovely weather, cool breeze, BB and HK – all went well. But like all good things coming to an end this one did too as BB decided its time to start some running as walking was too easy. So run we did.

While BB leaped around like a bunny with his light body, I ran behind him like a pampered poodle put to police duty huffing and puffing , the tongue hanging out, flailing my arms and hair stuck to the sweaty face. It was a sight to behold that I can assure you from the amused faces of the onlookers.

But, I have held on. I am doing it every day, without fail and although I hate to admit it, I kind of like running now.

Also, in time a weighing scale was duly procured. I spend half my days perched on top of this piece of equipment extolling the damn thing to show me a better number. I monitor my weight once in the morning and once in the evening and then before meals and after meals before going to the toi…. err I’ll stop here.

BB agrees I have lost it. My brain not the weight.


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